Head Office
Telephone: +27 (12) 663-8815
Facsimile: +27 (12) 663-1925
Call Centre: 0800-INTENDA

United Kingdom Office
Telephone: +44 (0) 845 468 3632
Facsimile: +44 (0) 845 074 0777
Call Centre: 0800-INTENDA

Registration Help

Step 1 - Registration
The Registration Process will allow you to provide the minimum necessary information to register your company. Click the Register link on the bottom of this page and complete all relevant information in order to start the Registration Process.
Step 2 - Confirmation Notification
Please ensure that you receive an e-mail confirming your registration. If not received please contact our Support Center for assistance.
Step 3 - Account Activation Notification
As soon as your account has been activated you will be notified via an e-mail which will contain your Login credentials. If your account is Not Activated you will receive an e-mail notifying you of this action. You are welcome to contact our Support Center with any Queries.
Step 4 - Detail Finalization
Please log onto the system, with the e-mail password received, and Update the Required Information to ensure that a complete profile of your company is maintained.